Managed Testing
Managed Testing

Fierce competitive environment has forced business corporations to ensure that their Business and IT functions are agile and well geared for responding to rapid changes caused by dynamic business demands, disruptive technologies and regulatory requirements.

Resultant demands from in-house testing functions of these corporations have scaled well beyond ensuring quality software to providing assurance that IT solutions yield desired business outcomes while ensuring that business is relived of operational involvement in testing to better focus on core business activities.

A shift in the way testing is currently approached by in-house testing function of Business Corporations is required to enable business outcome aligned testing that is operationally efficient, cost effective and requires minimal business involvement.

Snehasoft's range of lifecycle testing services when leveraged through managed testing services model helps build a testing function for business organizations comprising of ideal mix of strong testing solution experts as well as domain focused subject matter experts that can own the testing end to end operations.

Key Capabilities

Snehasoft capabilities leveraged in delivering the Managed Testing Services that shall help strike an optimal balance between cost and quality include.

Lifecycle Testing Services: Functional tesitng

Engagement Models: To suite customer priorities and comfort around managed testing services benefit realization timeline and test function ownership levels

Pricing Options: Comprises of delivery linked pricing techniques and elastic pricing options

Transition Approaches: Enabling transformation in-line with customers urgency and comfort with pace of change management

Shared Services: Enabling focused specialized testing with improved utilization

MTS Dashboards: Dashboard comprising of testing KPIs designed keeping in view business objectives for better visibility and control over testing Metrics Based Test Management

Test Data Management: Improve coverage and accelerate test cycles by enabling testing team with timely test data through adoption of structured test data management practices implemented in cost effective shared services model

Defect Management: Accelerate defect life cycle through improved defect metrics resulting from adoption of structured defect management practices

Business Value

Business value obtained by leveraging Snehasoft as specialized testing partner in setting up a managed testing center can yield following business value:

Free up time for business corporation to focus on core business and strategic issues, while Snehasoft owns the day to day test function activities

Optimize efforts expended towards testing by up to 35% resulting from test process standardization and tailored best practices

Reduction in total cost of ownership for testing function at least by 30% in the first year of operations

Improvements in production quality resulting from testing done with greater precision leading to 98% reduction in high severity defects

Improved time-to-market of 15% or more enabled through greater transparency of testing processes and procedures

Flexibility of test delivery enabled through scalable highly skilled resources to accommodate increased demand from your business

Continuous optimization resulting from adoption of innovative testing techniques

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